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Pets Welcome Here Is Back with a Brand-New Show for Summer 2024.

All New Adventures, All New Furry Fun—


From the mountains we head for the beach and scenic Amelia Island, Fl, where every dog has his day in the sun as David and a very special dog frolic on Amelia Island’s pet friendly beaches and discover the Island’s scenic beauty on a pet friendly sunset cruise while encountering a pod of dolphins! Other adventures include exploring the charm of downtown Fernandina, enjoying the goodies at a dog bakery and boutique, checking out pet friendly eateries and more.


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Pets Welcome Here’s Dynamic Award Winning Show Host

David is an Emmy award winning Host, writer and producer and the Leader of the Pack on Pets Welcome Here. Over the years David has developed and produced television projects ranging from full-length documentaries to marketing promotions, broadcast Regionally and Nationally on PBS, Fox Sports, CNN and MSNBC, including creating, producing and co-hosting the award winning travel series, “The Georgia Traveler” for PBS.


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Pets Welcome Here can be seen as a 1/2 hour special between June and September 2024. You can catch us in Top Markets throughout the nation as well as many other markets throughout the USA. Check our Schedule page for the time and station near you. Check back on this website for local listing updates. If you don’t see your listing, contact your local station and ask them to run Pets Welcome Here.

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Bernie's Blog!

Bernies Blog

It’s me, Bernie, and I’m jumping up and down with excitement over this season’s Pets Welcome Here adventures. The fun starts in Asheville, NC, Dog City USA, where David discovers some great dogs that enjoy the great outdoors. These mountain dogs lead David on an exciting journey paddling along the French Broad River until putting in at a pet friendly brewery!

Hiking takes on a whole new flare as David meets a special Husky named Sockeye (like the salmon) who rides to his mountain hikes on the back of his dad’s motorcycle! He even has his own goggles and fits in a backpack attached to his dad for safety. Then it’s off to some amazing pet friendly mountain cabin accommodations in a woodland setting where us doggos can swim in the lake and run free on the grounds. David and his canine pals even got to see some small deer in the nearby woods.

For pets that like the creature comforts of downtown Asheville, the Aloft is a super pet friendly hotel that not only welcomes dogs of all sizes but has a dog ready for adoption that stays at the hotel so guests can see and interact with him. While David was there, a terrier mix maned Little Man found his forever home! Other Asheville adventures include delicious dog friendly outdoor dining at a restaurant with a pet menu and a super fun romp at the Wagbar, a unique dog park that serves people libations.

From the magnificent Blue Ridge Mountains of Asheville, David travels to warm, sunny Amelia Island, FL, and the soft sands of Fernandina Beach,

where he meets Brady, a very special Influencer Yorkie and his mom, Brittany. Brady’s superpower is he loves to dress up for his adventures and be amazingly cute! Brady joins David on Amelia River Cruises for a sunset tour of the area where David and Brady see wild horses, thrill to

dolphins surfacing and diving around the cruise ship and witness a magnificent Amelia Island sunset! Next day, David meets some furry friends at Red Bones Pet Bakery and Boutique and even more canines having a blast at Hot Paws Doggy Daycare and Pet Resort.

Then it’s time to hit the beach and David meets up with Brady in his beach attire and Scarlett and Daisha, two remarkable rescued Pitties who

just want to love and be loved by everyone. After a walk on Fernandina Beach and lunch at a pet welcoming beachside restaurant, Brady shows David the sights of the charming, historic town of Fernandina.  Just outside of town, David meets another special canine, Baily, a delightful wiggly labradoodle, and his dad, Justin, the Director of Sales at the pet welcoming Residence Inn. The Residence Inn is perfect for pets, especially larger dogs, as it’s an all-suite hotel, so the accommodations are more spacious and have a full kitchen so you can bring your dog’s food or cook for your dog. Dogs are allowed in the lobby and the spacious outdoor patio, and there’s a special outdoor walking area. A unique attraction, Egan’s Creek Greenway, has a 5-mile hiking loop right outside the hotel, so David and Baily go hiking and see turtles and rabbits, making it a must-do adventure for pets and their people on awesome Amelia Island.

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