Whole Life Pet

Whole Life Pet

A warm meal in 5 minutes-just add water  


There is a fresh food revolution going on, with tons of new brands who say kibble is horrible, so you should switch to a fresh frozen food meal plan. But their foods are messy and inconvenient – They are shipped in coolers, take up all your freezer space, and need to be thawed before feeding. Fresh frozen food meal plans are also 6-8 times the cost of feeding kibble, which makes them unaffordable for a lot of pet owners. 

We have a better solution! Keep feeding your dog’s favorite kibble and mix in Bistro Bowl Fresh Food Toppers. Your dog gets all the benefit of fresh food at a fraction of the cost of a fresh frozen meal plan. And because they are freeze dried, you avoid the hassle of storing and thawing frozen food.


  • 100% Real Human Grade Whole Food Ingredients 
  • Adds a fresh component to kibble, plus the vitamins, minerals, &
          enzymes naturally occurring in whole foods.
  • Freeze Dried & Minimally Processed to preserve nutrients, freshness, & flavor.
  • No chemicals, additives, or preservatives.
  • Prepared in seconds.
  • Easily mixes with your pet’s favorite kibble.
  • No mess or waste.  Just store it in the bag in your pantry without any
         freezing, thawing, or refrigeration.

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