Yummy Combes

YUMMY COMBS Hybrid Wellness Trears For Your Pets Happier, Healthier & Longer Life.

Veitinarian Recommended For Oral Care, Superior Nutrition and Advanced Safety.


Did you know that up to 80% of dogs over the age of 3 have some form of periodontal disease that can lead to heart, liver and kidney disease?


54% of dogs are overweight and can have their lives cut short by 2 years or more? And 600,000 dogs are involved in choking incidents every year, many of them fatal?


For too long we’ve let these conditions rob us of our precious pets prematurely. Here’s how you can help. Yummy Combs is the Hybrid Wellness Dog Treat dedicated to helping dogs live happier, healthier, longer lives.


Only Yummy Combs is clinically proven to safely remove hardened tarter which harbors plaque and bacteria, precursors to the leading cause of gum disease and potentially heart, liver and kidney disease.


The comb shape is designed for safety, to deter gulping and choking. And it contains protein and wellness ingredients and is low in starch to support responsible weight management. Yummy Combs so revolutionary, is was awarded the 2024 Pet Innovation Award as Product of the Year for Dog Treats. Available in 5 sizes in  original Chicken and New Fish and Egg Proteins.


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“Form Follows Function”  


Yummy Combs deep pocket design removes hardened tartar.

In a 60 day clinical study, it was proven with its 360° cleaning surfaces that Yummy Combs removed greater than 25% of the hardened tartar and in the same clinical study. Yummy Combs reduced bad breath by 46%.